Unearthed – a live set curio from 2002!

One of the last (and arguably the best) live sets I ever did as Sir Real, again featuring the inimitable Keith York on electronic drums, and myself on desk and hardware and acoustic drums. Keith’s drums are high in the mix on this, which gives it a much more live feel.

Features some tracks written specifically for this set, and some crazy mixes of other, more well-known, material. Plus (as far as I know / can remember) the *only* live performance of ‘Neighbour of the beast’!


1) Breathing
2) Boingers
3) Untitled 1
4) Untitled 2
5) Bass dimension remix
6) Distant sun
7) Untitled 3 (a little bit more)
8) Daisy cutter remix
9) Neighbour of the beast

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