Sir Real – Calcifer – Shonastock Live Free or Die 2017 compilation

Sir Real – The Acrid Clause – Anti-Social Network

Johnny Kowalski & the Sexy Weirdos – Nailbiter (Sir Real’s Burn the Knowledge remix)

Snog – Cheerful Hypocrisy (Sir Real remix) – Metropolis Records

Sir Real – Neighbour of the beast – Hymen Recordings (Co-production with Snog/David Thrussell)

Sir Real – Apocalyptica EP – Satamile Records

Remixes etc.:
Doctor Tea & The Retinal Circus – Hung on a Moebius Noose (Sir Real remix)

Black Lung – The Business of Selling (Sir Real remix) – Ant-Zen

Snog – Everything is Under Control (Sir Real remix) – Metropolis

Lifecycle – Obnoxiorama (Sir Real remix) – Ricochet Records

Echo Monster – Helsinki (Sir Real’s Peace Brutality remix) – Unreleased

Seeland – Black dot (Sir Real remix) – Unreleased

Snog – ‘The last days of Rome’ – Psy-Harmonics

Black Lung – ‘Concrete Octopus’ (Sir Real’s Rancid Rebuild) – Ant-Zen

Darkroom vs. Sir Real – 21st Century Schizoid Remix – Burning Shed