A brand new and exciting venture, as I link up with Brum Radio to bring you ‘Unorthodox Paradox Radio’ (henceforth to be known as ‘UP radio’). For those of you who have ever listened to Mouth of God, or indeed ever been to an Unorthodox Paradox event, then you should pretty much know what to expect – a crazily eclectic selection of great and unusual music. But now…a logical development from his position as resident selector at our events, I’m very happy to welcome DJ Grindi as co-host on the show. His fine and varied taste, and encyclopaedic knowledge of all things musical, should be the perfect foil to my inane mutterings and demented (but immaculate) selections. So – an even broader range of music, but still largely concentrating on the lesser-travelled paths, and on artists who really deserve to be better known than they are. Which isn’t to say that you won’t still hear stuff that you know, but hopefully it will be more a voyage of discovery than one of familiarity.

As well as great music in the studio, we hope to be bringing you interviews, live broadcasts, weekly features, and the usual abstract chat that you have come to expect from Mouth of God 🙂

Check out the show here, live every Sunday between 9pm – 11pm

UP Radio chatroom is HERE